Remember PenPoint from Go corporation in 1991? Or the Apple Newton PDA with handwriting recognition in 1993? How I wanted these but when I got one just not worth the effort. 

Arguably it took until the iPad and apps like Paper, Bamboo with styli to draw and record real handwriting for pen-computing to mature. The iPadPro with its pen is the nearest to a natural writing experience on a tablet. Just plain drawing and storing notes.

Gary Griffiths makes much the same point about the IoT- it will not be smart cities, smart fridges or wearables & telehealth that make the most impact. It will be "headless" devices - chips- embedded in machines and equipment.  

IoT will still be a major catalyst to even bigger data and IoT analytics that drive the need for big data analytics platforms.

Just don't expect the deliverable outcomes you thought of but hidden and vital apps behind the scenes. Leading to the need for purpose built analytics platforms delivering insight to users and personas across the whole enterprise or public sector organisation.