Or put it another way- 95% of what goes on in our brains happens without us being conscious of the process. Our brains are built for the days of the ice-age- Analyse all data and either stay and fight or run and survive. Eat or be eaten. So the brain decides for us what is important and what can be ignored.

Hence we ignore many dashboards, even beautiful visualisations, and often analytics that are not embedded in the work floes we are involved in.

Which is why the new platforms helping people do their jobs better are making so much impact. Like the insurtech platform from 360Globalnet. Like the embedded analytics platform from Logi Analytics

All helping people see what they need to see in those few seconds to make better decisions and act on them. 

Make it easier to approve an insurance claim; making it easier to detect potential fraud. The list is endless.

And then don't forget!  When  driving you must look at the road ahead more than look in the rear-view mirror. Predictive analytics is a vital aid to drive business, operations and organisations better.