Today most organisations can only access and analyse 10% to 30% of the data stored. That means all decision making and execution is severely flawed.

Earlier in the year I focussed on an ideal combination of big data analytics platforms that tackle this issue.

  • Vertica & IDOL from HPE
  • Logi Info 

Vertica is a mature, performant data analytics platform able to manage the volume, velocity and variety of data generated by "Big Data Projects".

IDOL (many will still know it better by its original name Autonomy) from its early success in fingerprint matching is built to exploit unstructured data and apply machine learning.

Logi Info is rated by Gartner as Number 1 for embedded analytics and both Vertica and IDOL  need that to extract, analyse and visualise the full value of data. 

The spin-merger of the HPE software into MicroFocus should not stop you looking at the benefits to be gained as enterprises seek to access and analyse all the data stored in the organisation together with external data sources.