Being in a world that is constantly changing is both scary as we don’t like change (you cannot stop evolution) and exciting as life (as we know it) is apparently getting easier.

Being deeply routed in the industry (I feel is) aiding and to some degree responsible for making these changes is even more exciting as we are constantly talking to folks who are leading ideas selling and delivering around, innovation, products and services related to iot, ioe, automation, ai and robotics for example.

By increasing automation across industries are we setting ourselves up for a jobless future? Will unemployment go through the roof? Will the human touch become redundant?

I don’t think so……But no one can see into the future, no one can say exactly what is going to happen. We can predict and try to steer the way trends become the norm but ultimately adoption of these changes are up to us.

Transformation of businesses, industries and life in general is going to happen, so surely it’s about understanding the benefits, and becoming early adopters?