Analytics is only of value of it changes decision making for the better. The discussion below shows the potential of telematics and analytics to improve company performance and customer satisfaction in the world of insurance.

Interestingly, Italy followed by the UK and US are in advance of Germany and France.

One of the issues is to derive value from the 10% of data that yields true value from the 90% that is of no meaning. On most of a journey the data confirming orderly driving behaviour merely reinforces the status quo.

It is the other 10% where the interesting bit happens. External events or people causing extremes of driving behaviour. Is it the driver's fault or is it good driving avoiding other motorists bad driving, errant pedestrians, accidents or freakish weather?

Other data sources e.g. dashcams, the driver's smartphone can add rich metadata. The fact that location ties this all together shows the potential for location intelligence.

I can see a role for machine learning and AI to focus the insurance company on those cases that need further investigation. Product and service innovation requires the combining of these technologies with homo sapien's intelligence and this is termed augmented intelligence

Sifting the wheat from the chaff to give people the time and insights to make the right decisions. This will become even more important when all, the data from all the sensors in vehicles is accessible and analysed.

THis is the catalyst for change and the threat or opportunity for incumbent market leaders

Who owns the industrial stack owns the market. Follow the link above to judge if you will be a leader or a laggard.