Having personally had a tour of Ocado's impressive Hatfield facility 2 years ago I can vouch for how impressive their machine learning and AI capability is. 

I was instantly blown away by how advanced their technology is and how they are leaving the leading supermarkets standing still when it comes to how efficient their processes are through the clever use of technology.

This is testament to the creative thinking of their 3 ex-banking founders  (Jonathan Faiman, Jason Gissing and Tim Steiner) who had a bright idea at the turn of the millennium and have made it into a reality. 

This is only the start of machine learning and AI's capability and it is very exciting to think of the endless possibilities not just in the retail space but across all sectors.

The most exciting part for me is the creation of a whole new marketplace in the recruitment world that is still largely untapped. This presents exciting opportunities for Developers, Testers, Data Scientists, to name a few.