The ever increasing capabilities of machine learning and AI mean that is often a greater pleasure to get meaningful answers from a chatbot than from a stressed and under-resourced human agent.

It hides the point. however, that digital transformation that only offers chatbots is a job half done.

Whether it is business to customer or business to supplier/contractor- too often there is a black, non-digital chasm over which information and insight does not flow.

Take insurance.

Why can't the claimant input the claim and add information from phone/tablet as requested by the insurer. Why have to phone, ask chatbot? 

If the insurer needs more info why can't they send a link with the specific request and let the claimant take a photo and/or video so the insurer has enough information to accept the claim and action the same day?

Why can't they apply the same process to see if the car is drivable or not and only provide a hire car when actually needed? Why can't they use streaming video with the garage/bodyshop and let them join the workflow to book the car for repair and provide the hire car and authorise pass remedial repair and replacement.

All the time providing the various working departments and claimants with real time status of the process via real-time analytics.

Same can be said of the consumer/supplier/courier relationship. Blackbay is delivering proactive information to customers pre-empting the need for calling chatbots or agents. 

A Broadband Media company recruiting new subscribers and offering them great content deals of phone/broadband/content that just cannot tell whether the subcontractors have:-

  • Dug and laid trunking
  • Laid the cables along the street
  • Ready to connect customers who have placed orders

All the agents or chatbots in the world are useless when there is no usable insight, no evidence of what has been done and when. Getting on to 4 months after the first installation date I am suffering the personal pain!


Whether a GPs Surgery to Patient, Care Home to Hospital and ambulance service-  telehealth and digital transformation can remove most of the process and communication barriers absorbing the scarce time of  "agents" trying to triage help for the sick and injured

Chatbots are an important element of a customer relationship but not the dynamic cultural/digital transformation required. They are an additional layer not the solution