Bots fine for certain insurances but most times a combination of machine learning, homo sapien cognitive powers & customer self-service vital.

Speeding up claims without sacrificing due diligence means combining contradictory goals. The complexities of vehicle and buildings & contents insurance should not mean claims go on for days, weeks and even months- the traditional insurance model.

A majority can be settled the day of the claim with insurtech digital transformation whilst those claims that need more investigation to decide the optimal answer ( the repair or replace decisions) still need speedier completion. 

And that means addressing the other side of the coin- the contractors and service providers that insurance companies appoint to repair and replace claimant's property, vehicles and provide temporary alternatives to keep working and living.

Managing body shops, hire companies, drainage contractors, engineers, inspectors, surveyors, electricians, plumbers..... . There are so many different tasks that need attention and when these gaps/black holes are digitally transformed the disruptive leap tangibly benefits customers, insurance companies and the service providers. 

Without analytics across all of the data ( structured, semi-structured and unstructured) professionals will not be able to make the right decisions with the speed and accuracy that claimants rightly demand

The fizz might get the glamour and attention but it is the engineering, construction, plumbing, electrical and other infrastructures that, once digitally transformed, will make a bigger, positive impact.