Telcos trapped by legacy system and complex value chains they have invested large amounts in the physical networks leaving little for digitally transforming their own businesses. 

Javier G Visiedo posts this challenging blog for Telcos ( follow the link at bottom of my blog) 

There is a lesson to be learnt from an equally entrenched insurance industry however. A number have started first with the customer and worked back towards those inflexible legacy systems. They have managed to digitally transform the value-chain from first contact to satisfied customer.

  • Customers able to self-service claims and processing without recourse to chatbots but communicating with professionals using augmented intelligence to be able to focus on the important things.
  • Subcontractors & service providers digitally connected to the insureco's teams to see & manage every stage of every claim
  • 360 analytics view in real-time across the organization from frontline to C-level suite
  • With simple unique url interfacing securely with legacy systems 
  • Disruptive without disruption

Vastly improved Net Promoter Scores of 76 testify to the success and offer a practical approach to digital transformation for Telcos and other legacy constrained industries.