SPEED TO PAYunreformed processes based on shitty data.

is the key but far too many digital transformation projects look impressive but are no more than  glitzy visualisation of

An innovative platform provider which knows its stuff shows that putting customers first  does pay dividends. 

  1. In the digital strategy
  2. In the reform of product-centric processes
  3. Without having to throw out current core systems of record


is not a company swayed by  "digital transformation experts", "CX designers" and "innovation gurus" that just do not know the nuts and bolts of the business they serve- in this case INSURANCE. They have literally been down in the muck e.g. sorting out drainage problems causing building damage so they know shit and fool's gold. 

They combine the need for cultural AND leadership transformation before attempting digital transformation and you can see the results.

  • Transforms customer service – much like internet banking does. The most popular score rating the service is 10/10 for speed, ease of use and experience
  • Empowers customers – they are in control, report and manage claims when convenient from A-Z, FNOL to payment, replacement or repair
    • For example 85% of personal lines property claims can be settled in under 90 minutes
  • 500,000 customer self-service claims have been settled to date using their technology platform
  • Overall NPS with 360SelfServe is already 76 which puts their clients joint #1 in the UK with First Direct Bank and #6 in the USA
  • Controls the indemnity cost (you see every claim) Average reduction in spend by “seeing every claim” 10%-13%

The comprehensive nature of an “end to end” approach provides the following integrated benefits:

1) Immediate world class online customer service to rival the best online experience

2) Improved internal efficiency

  • Empower your customers to manage their own transactions
  • Link every participant to a claim via one digital record
  • See large claims live from site to take day one decisions and actively manage suppliers
  • Ability to switch seamlessly to a distributed working model (we have clients with 100’s of staff working from home via internet)

3) Improve margins

  • Control/Reduction of Indemnity spend
  • You see every claim thus making a better decision
  • Cycle time significantly reduced = lower claim cost
  • A complete digital strategy will add 20% to the bottom-line
  • Anti-Fraud -If customers must show you every claim then the potential fraudsters self-select themselves out of the new process- 30% plus to date
  • Comprehensive Data/Analytics system
    •  Proven anti-fraud capability
    • Unlock the inaccessible 80% of data in core systems of record 

You can reform the whole insurance claims process from FNOL to payment or you can just tackle one small part like using videotech to engage the customer in visualising and recording damage.

Would I want to be a global leader or would I want to face death by a thousand cuts as new entrants like Lemonade and TROV carve away profitable market niches? 

I would want to reform the whole process.