Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is impacting insurance today and will increasingly be the competitive differentiator. Start fast and tackle the key processes to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. 

  • Empower customers and every claim participant to manage their own transactions online for Insurance (but can be anything)
  • Glue every participant to a claim (or any transaction) including the supply chain
  • Supply chain can access the full functionality of the platform to digitize their own processes and even suppliers to the supply chain
  • Move to a distributed workforce model in which office and staff fixed cost are replaced by an “on demand” workforce working anywhere
  • Staff/anyone with permission can see every claim with just a standard web-browser anywhere in the world
  • End to end management of any remote workforce be it your own/outsourced/crowd
  • 360Globalnet operate their own specialist crowd to settle claims faster, more efficiently and at lower cost
  • Provides mobile live streaming video from site back to anywhere else
  • Using unique multi-cellular technology to achieve a 96% successful live stream from site
    • Hosts all this securely in one cloud-based platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3
  • Every client has their own instance
  • Data is always kept in territory
  • System uptime 99.9%
  • 360Globalnet is ISO2007:2013 - IT Security Management accredited
  • The data produced whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured is capable of analysis and visualization on our comprehensive data analytics platform
  • We unlock 90% of an Insurer’s information locked up in documents/text
  • Our anti-fraud system identifies 40% more personal injury fraud in the UK than other systems because we can access unstructured data

Digitally transforming these processes will increase customer satisfaction ( NPS of 76), reduce costs and contribute margin and cash flow to further invest in the technologies Deloitte discuss