Enterprises and public sector organisations all yearn for the customer satisfaction captured in high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from Amazon, the best Online Banks. Constrained by core systems inherited from multiple acquisitions and rooted in legacy code what are they do to?

Help is at hand in new cloud platforms that add the world class digital transformation to the very same back-end systems of record found in:-

Your digital customer record in the cloud simply ties into the Core system by linking its unique URL identifier to a button. Secure, scalable, and tailored to the customer. Resulting in a single digital record across both the core system and the customer facing  digital platform.

More than that, the combined architecture must access all the data in both the digital platform AND core systems of record. In fact, this will often combine multiple platforms and legacy systems. 

  • Letters
  • Freeform text
  • Emails
  • Photos, videos, images
  • Diagrams, maps and blueprints

That offers real "big data analytics" by being accessing the relevant and complete data layers. 

The layer of intelligence to be embedded into processes that connects divisions, back office and front office, to meet expectations in the age of the customer.