The novelty of downloading and trying new apps is beginning to wear thin. The last thing we want is one more app cluttering up our home screens and draining our batteries (save forPokémon Go, apparently). Though developers continue to make apps, consumers are less likely to download them and enable app notifications. 

Insurance carriers suffer the same issue with Claims Mobile Apps so it's better to deploy a digital platform where the customer is engaged in a self-service and self-help model that delivers value to both.

For the consumer SPEED to PAY. From FNOL (first notice of loss) to repair, replacement or payout.

For the Insurance Carrier 

  • higher NPS ( net promoter score) from a customer experience and journey that is vastly improved
  • Higher productivity and lower costs  

Considering that nearlyhalf of U.S. smartphone users download zero apps per month, the situation seems dire for app makers and deployers.

Bots are second best to real people who, with faster and better decision making provide better service to customers, BUT- With the rising tsunami of data from the connected home, car, person Bots will be vital or humans will be overwhelmed. 

Bots as part of the platform, particularly for less complex claims.