"84% (of respondents)  see AI as something that will be ‘essential’ in order for businesses to succeed in the coming years. The survey study polled 835 executives across 13 global industry sectors in four regions of the world."

CBR March 2017

Then you read in CIO that one of the biggest challenges facing successful digital transformation is

 Ineffective gathering and leveraging of customer data

" The root of digital success is customer data. There's more to the tree than the root, to be sure, but whether it's Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Uber, digital success stories have the effective gathering, storing and leveraging of customer data at the core. 

CIO from IDG March 2017 

The stark truth is that AI will be constrained by the completeness and reliability/timeliness of the data it accesses.  You cannot leapfrog the steps needed to have the complete data in order to be able to exploit AI.

This in no way contradicts the assertion that AI will be a vital component of digital transformation; just that there are important things to do before you ever get diverted by AI.