Health professionals, underwriters, fraud investigators, accountants - the list of jobs that could be replaced by AI, RPA, and algorithms grows by the day.

Yet this cautionary tale about Google's Flu Trends should always be kept in mind.

Ad insurers, for example, digitally transform the customer journey and claims management process they open themselves up to digitally savvy fraudsters. These guys know what the algorithms look for and change behaviour to stay out of an investigators clutches.

That's why fraud investigators won't disappear- their experience of life, fraudsters combined with scepticism and a nose for the truth will beat AI. Provided they have the time to focus on the 10% of actual fraud and are not diverted from the 90% of bona fide claimants.

That is where AI, RPA and machine learning come into play. Applying the human nous to know Key Fraud Indicators and apply them as business rules to sort the wheat from the chaff.